Fallin Love the new lovable mobile game by Chestnut Games. Play the game of love!

Help Fall, a tiny block unnoticed by the woman he loves, in his quest for a disguise that will catch her attention. Guide him by playing with gravity and beat more than 70 mind-teasing levels by collecting cool disguises. Because somehow, each new disguise will bring Fall one step closer to winning her love.

Fall is a tiny block guy. One day as he wanders the streets, he meets Kaisa. It is love at first sight. Unfortunately for him, Kaisa only seems to have eyes for a poster of a man with a mustache. No problem! If having mustache is what it takes to secure his new sweetheart’s attention, Fall will find a mustache. But the thing is, Kaisa’s desire is fickle, to say the least. By the time Fall finds the mustache, it’s already too late as Kaisa is now looking for a brave astronaut. So begins FallInLove, the never-ending chase for love of a man determined to please his loved one’s ever-changing wishes.

Chestnut Games is a small indie game studio based in Lanciano, Italy

We are people who think that games are the greatest media expression, they entertain, they tell stories, they can be visually simply beautiful to watch.
They are our biggest passion in both ways, to be challenged and to challenge people through them.
Pocket Gamer - 7/10 (Bronze Award)
In many ways, Fallin Love - The Game of Love is like a Sokoban box-pushing puzzler. If it was backwards. And put major importance on gravity.
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I’m loving Fallin Love so far, as the story is cute, the graphics are gorgeous, and the gameplay mechanic is challenging yet addictive.
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Games969 - 8,5/10
Fallin Love riesce nell’intento di catturare il giocatore e immergerlo in un mondo fatto di amore...
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